PinTicket Inc.

PinTicket operates parking facilities on behalf of property owners and asset managers in all parking related segments. PinTicket has had a reputation for offering superior service to its customers and clients, and for employing leading edge technology in parking solutions.

PinTicket has helped clients with the quality services they deserve in their parking lot needs. Pin Ticket staff are dedicated to providing our clients with superior cutting-edge services. Pin Ticket is on its way to become Canada’s largest certified Parking enforcement company, PinTicket enjoys a wide range of customers. Our services are unique to Commercial,Residential and Private Parking Lots.

One of the trusted parking enforcement service providers in Ontario is PinTicket Parking Enforcement Company. We have always worked on delivering services with dedication, integrity and commitment to people.

We’ve got you covered at PinTicket. Our employees are trained experts who have years of experience you can count on to handle any situation with excellent results.

Our Vision

PinTicket is working towards becoming a recognized industry leader and innovator in Parking Enforcement.

Mission Statement

We develop relationships that make a positive impact in our customers’ everyday lives.

Our Virtues

Courage – bravery.

Temperance – moderation.

Liberality – spending.

Magnificence – charisma, style.

Magnanimity – generosity.

Ambition – pride.

Patience – temper, calm.

Friendliness – social IQ.

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